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Building The Strength In Your Weakness 

When you are asked as to what are your weaknesses, there are plenty of different things which you can answer. When you check out the details of these questions, you will find a lot of stereotyped answers. Most of these include portraying strength as a weakness as this helps you disguise your real weakness.

But, before you make this grave mistake, you need to stop right away. Think again, does it really make sense to lie to someone who is going to clearly see through your false answers? Of course, no! So, if you want to make a different kind of impression, you should choose, to be honest. Let us see the possible weaknesses you can list.

A Real Weakness

You need to make it a point to gauge the real weakness which you have. Ideally, you should sit down with a list. You need to analyze which of the possible weaknesses you have. This self-introspection exercise is extremely important as it will help you know where you are lacking.

Now, when you study the weaknesses, you will have to look at which of the possible weakness you can state in your interview.  Not all your weaknesses can be listed and this is why you need to gauge the ones that can be mentioned.

When you have found one weakness which looks apt to be asked in an interview, the next logical step is to look out for ways by which you can work on it.  This is an extremely important point and your inability to do so can hurt you very badly.

Whenever you are mentioning your weakness, you have to be sure that you know some ways to work on it. Do not expose a deep weakness which is still your weakest point. Ideally, the weakness should be such that you have got some grasp on it.

To make things clearer, let us talk of an example. Suppose you are weak at using Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. Now, we all know how important this tool is. You need to know the basic use of the tool. So, when you tell your interviewer that you are not well-versed in the use of PowerPoint, this is going to be a huge flaw.

Rather than telling a whole tool which you know will be crucial for your job, the smarter choice is to pinpoint a specific operation. You can say that you are weak at using Macros in MS Excel or you are weak at formatting pictures in a PowerPoint. These specific weaknesses are something which can be overlooked and yet they appear honest, credible and minor.

Do you get the drift? The idea here is to expose a real weakness, but it should be something which isn’t too huge and can be ignored. In the end, pack it with a neutral weakness which doesn't have much bearing on the job post – like food or maybe sports as well. It is human to have some hobbies you are passionate about. You are not expected to be a complete workaholic either.

So, prepare your replies and impress your HR.

Working On Your Résumé 

One of the very first things which you need to prepare for your job interview has to be the résumé. Until and unless, you have a befitting résumé that has been tailored for the job post you have been applying for, it will be hard for you to bag a job.

So, you have to start working on your résumé right away. Let us show you the exact things you need to work on.

Be Factual

It is really important to make sure that you state the facts the way they are. Never add a particular in your résumé which isn’t true. This is especially true for a resume objective. Once in a while, it may so happen that your interviewer will cross-verify the details. When you are found stating false facts, it will eliminate your chance of being shortlisted permanently.

The Skills

This is perhaps one of the biggest dilemmas which a lot of us face. What are the skills you need to list and should you prioritize hard skills over soft skills? There can be a hundred thoughts in your mind and let us help you understand some key basics.

Hard Skills Are Crucial

While we are not undermining soft skills, the importance of hard skills definitely takes an edge. Unless your position is that of a recruiter or an advisor wherein your soft skills will take center stage, it is really important to showcase your hard skills.

When it comes to hard skills, you will have to be specific. You should list the specific tool you are good at. When you want to project the perfect impression and give your application an upper edge, you can use this systematic approach and this will definitely help you out.

Analyze The Job Post

You should analyze the job post and look out for the tools and programs which will be needed to carry out the duties. This should be fairly easy and a simple analysis will help you get these details.

The next thing is to look at the tools and programs and find the ones you are actually good at. You need to make sure that you sharpen your skills on using some of these tools at least.

Now, in your hard skills, mention these programs and tool. As you have directly hit the bull’s eyes, this will definitely give your resume the upper edge.

There are a lot of applicants who used this strategy successfully and it helped them out in ways more than one. You too can be smart and use this method to give your résumé the better chance of being selected. The important point to remember here is that you should not lie. Do not list a skill you do not know because it is not uncommon to find interviewers actually testing your skill.

Now, that you know the dynamics put these tips to use and make a résumé which can stand out. With so many applicants vying for the same spot, you definitely have to toil hard and give your hundred percent. 

The Hiring Guide 

The reason you go to an interview is to get hired. Imagine the dilemma when you are asked, ‘why should we hire you’ and you sit there wondering what would be an apt reply because there is no way you can say, “Hire me because true to God, I prepared for it.” No, words don’t get you placed, your actions do!

This is why you need to be sure that you can frame a befitting reply to the question, ‘why should we hire you’. This could be one of the crucial questions wherein your answer will be thoroughly analyzed. If you can succeed in giving your interviewer ample reasons to hire you, this might be the veto question which can form the basis of selection.

So, let us see your possible approach.

The Presentation

This is one of the perfect questions to answer with the help of a presentation. Give your interviewer enough reasons to shortlist you. When you are willing to prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation wherein you can showcase your problem-solving skills, it will surely give you an added edge.

The presentation should not be too long and you should not be narcissistic in it. Give actual examples of how you were a valuable asset to a team and how your inclusion made a difference. Alternately, you can simply talk about the skills you possess and how you can imbibe them and implement your expertise to steer the firm to greater heights.

Ideally, the reason behind asking you this question is to see how confident you are. It is really important for any individual to have belief in their own capabilities. If you do not even trust yourself, you are not going to help the firm reach greater heights.

So, the aim behind this question is to gauge what you think about yourself. While we do not encourage you to be over-confident and hail yourself to be the best applicant, do reply this question confidently enough and cite some of your best points which make you worthy of selection.

You can talk about some of the key things like your leadership quality, your confidence, your prior experience in inspiring your subordinates and so on. Do not go on and on with how great you are, but you need to give your interviewer enough reasons to consider your application.

The Desire To Learn

One of the qualities which is must-sought has to be the desire to learn. When you showcase the ability to learn new things and gain knowledge, it shows that you are flexible enough to adjust to your new work environment. No one likes to hire someone who is too rigid.

So, showcase these skills and come up with a befitting reply. Remember, this is an important question that could play the decisive factor. So, think of your reply in advance and we would recommend you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. However, do have a backup answer ready which can be used if you are not allowed to play the presentation.